When in Georgia

When we hear Georgia, we often think of the US state but we don’t open our eyes to the possibility of the existence of a whole beautiful charming and breathtaking country named Georgia. Yes it does exist, and it’s more interesting than you might think !

1. Mtskheta

Let’s start from the basics, Mtskheta is the very old city not far from the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. The city is famous for its churches. Right in between mountains, lies Jvris Monasteri, the most famous monument of the city. . From the amazing Monastri you can see the whole city that takes breaths away and attracts many tourists to Georgia.. In Mtskheta, it’s never strange to feel the Georgian spirit, and the beauty of the nature especially that the city is situated on the connection of 2 rivers – Aragvi and Mtkvari.


2. Batumi

Batumi is one of the most popular corners in  Georgia, thanks to its distinguish geographical on the shore of Black Sea placement,  it is very admired  by tourists who made of Georgia their number one destination during summer holidays enjoying not only the beautiful scenery favorited by beaches and gardens but also the modern nightlife. During the last few years it has been changed a lot – became more modern and highly developed. You can see really amazing statues as Ali&Nino.


3. Kutaisi

Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities in  Georgia. It wasn’t so popular before, but since parliament was moved there few years ago it suddenly  became more visited by people. One of the most famous airports in Georgia is located there so even people from other countries prefer to travel from Kutaisi, because it’s much cheaper. These facts made the city popular among the tourists and it has been the hostess of many people as years go by. In general Kutaisi is much cheaper when it comes to tourism and living costs compared to the capital.


4. Tbilisi

FINALLY – Tbilisi. The capital and the largest city of Georgia. One of the best things in that you can face in the 21st century – is free WIFI! Almost everywhere in Tbilisi you can find free WIFI «Tbilisi loves you». It makes you love this city from the very first second.

City very hospitable and friendly. Tbilisi is really old city and you can see mostly antique charming building which gives the city the special atmosphere of the golden ancient times. In the old section are medieval buildings and courtyards, narrow streets, overhanging balconies, and the famous hot sulfur springs. For sure you should visit Tbilisi! This city will make you fall in love with its uniqueness and hospitality, but live in the moment and put your phone away


Written by Fidan Maharramova
National Content Specialist – AIESEC in Azerbaijan

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