My story in Czech Republic

My story in Czech Republic

The idea to go for an internship appeared suddenly, though my friends from AIESEC often told me to try it as it is very interesting, because they knew it from their own experience. We were sitting at café and speaking about how we want to travel (me and my friend wanted to go somewhere for a holiday) and also about how we want to grow as a personality and so on, and… again our friend advised us internship.

My story in Czech Republic

And then we said “why not”. Before we both were abroad, in different countries, but mainly with families. We looked through different projects, and decided that we should go to Czech Republic, as none of us has been there, and there is something magical about this country. So to cut a long story short, we applied for two projects, then had an interview and some processing work, and it is done. Firstly we couldn’t believe that it is for real, because we hadn’t expected that everything is going to be so fast and suddenly we found ourselves at the airport. To be honest we thought, that it is going to be very easy.


We arrived late at night and we were very tired, and when we got to Olomouc it was already 3 a.m, and my buddy met me and showed the hostel, and the room. When it comes down to the project, it was EDISON project, and the aim was to spread the culture of your country, to teach children at schools in an interactive way. When we came to our first school we met guys, who were going to be with us during whole this project. I really love these guys <3 and my team. And when I say a team, I really mean it, because we were working really hard and we were like one small family. We spent almost all the time together, and always supported each other and helped whatever happened, and also had so much fun.


They are incredible people, whom I will never forget, and hopefully we will meet each other in another country one day. About my lessons.. haha, to be honest it so hard to be a teacher, as literally I was. I remember my first lesson, I was standing in front of the class, they were teenagers (the hardest kind of groups),  and staring at me, so weird feeling, but every next day I started to be more self confident and learnt how to manage with children of different age, how to interest them. Because when you have class with teenagers, the only thing they are interested in -is to sleep 😀 But we played some games, danced yalli and everyone was awake. The best time when you have to work with small children, though they do not understand English, and teacher need to translate almost everything, they still so excited about everything you speak. They were so cute, always hugging me, taking selfies and even asking for autograph on their hands. Yes, I felt myself as a celebrity. And I shouldn’t forget about teachers at schools, mainly all of them were very kind toward us, caring, understanding and they organized some excursions and trips to interesting places. And we got some heavy presents, only my team members can understand what means for us “heavy gifts”. As I changed my location each week, twice I stayed at dormitory, and three times it was host family. They made all their best to make it feel like my own home, and make my stay interesting, we played bowling,danced,even had girls hangout and etc. It was my first time staying at host families, and I couldn’t even imagine that people who know you for a few days, could care about you so much.


I guess not so pleasing thing about this project is,that you have to change your location every week and also school, that’s why everyone was exhausted,because we all had very heavy luggages, for example mine was 23 kilo, and another one was 10 kilo, so to carry it-is unbelievably hard. But the positive moment is-that now I can pack my luggage in 5 minutes. As I mentioned in the beginning of my story, I thought it will be very easy,but starting from first day problems begun. And the interesting point was that, they were appearing all in one moment. Once, when I faced with another problem, I just started laughing, because it was kind of a joke, that everything happened like this, but there is a good side, because as they appeared together, then also were solved together in one moment.


Sometimes I really struggled, besides you are far from your family and home and missing them, but may be the real thing this project gives you is that you should be able to face some unexpected problems without any panic, to stay calm and solve them, but thank God, you always have some people by your side, that are going to help you and support. I used to travel with my family, we visited many different places, walked sometimes 24 hours, but I have never had opportunity to see another side of this. As I never was in touch with locals, except some sellers and people who told me the way. But in this project I saw the real life of people, the pluses and minuses,because we all have kind of belief that people abroad are living ideal life without any problems, but it is not like that. Besides I met such great people from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Egypt and Turkey. Now I know their culture, their traditions, some words, especially Indonesian. As I had some lessons together with my sweet Clara,I know her presentation by heart, and she knows mine.

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It was such a fun to spend time with them, now I’m missing them so bad. I guess I can speak about it more and more, but it is time to stop. I just want to say thank you to everyone who made my time in Czech Republic unforgettable. Oh,and I almost forgot to mention, I traveled very much, starting with Prague and ending with Dresden. And I even traveled to Hallstatt(Austria), the most amazing place, that I thought I would never visit, but the dreams come true.


Narmin Abasova
Global Volunteer – Czech Republic