Huseyn’s internship story : How I got to volunteer in Albania with AIESEC

Everything has started when I attended presentation held by AIESEC in Azerbaijan members in ADA University. Simply they gave general information about AIESEC and how it works. Also members talked about their internships and provided us with some visuals as well. So it attracted me and made me think about internship in summer.

After couple of days I decided to go to internship with my friend Elshad. So we started searching for internship opportunities. Of course, AIESEC members, especially our buddies were great in our research process and later on our internship experience. So we applied more than 8 programs and were accepted 3 of them but we decided to travel Albania.

And the journey began..

Huseyn Ibrahimli internship global volunteer Albania

After 15 hours long trip we arrived Tirana capital of Albania. In the night we met local AIESEC members for the first time. We also met some of EPs as well. We watched football match together and had a great time. After 3 days it was time to start the project.

Our project was about social businesses and was called “Make it possible”. This is one of the reasons that attracted me to this project, I wanted to learn more about social businesses as it was unfamiliar notion for me. In the first week we attended training held by local AIESEC members. They gave us information about local AIESEC, Albania’s traditions and of course our job. We were  supposed to work as mentors and provide students who attend the project with any help they need during the sessions.

So in the second week project “Make it possible” officially started and more than 15 students attended. There were lots of students who came up with great ideas in terms of social businesses and in the end ideas about “Tea serving café” and “Motivista” won. It was very joyful to work with these guys, get in touch with them, and learn more about them and Albania as well.

Huseyn Ibrahimli internship global volunteer Albania

In the third week we organized trip to one of the social businesses where elderly people lived and cared by professional stuff. Words are not enough to describe their happiness when they met us and of course our emotions. In the 4 th week again we worked with new students and new ideas. Differently from the 2nd week, there some professors had problems to attend the lectures, so we, the External Participants, were supposed to provide those lectures. It was first time for me giving the lectures about marketing to the students who are nearly the same age with me. Of course I was full of excitement and nervous but I experienced one of the best feelings in the end of this week when students approached me and declared their gratitude.

One of the most interesting parts of my internship was in 4 th week when we organized Global Village. More than 10 External Participants brought all their staff about their country and tried to represent it as good as they can. We experienced lots of interest to our country here, especially food as we brought our national plov, pakhlava and tea. And when one Albanian guy approached us and started talking about Nagorno Karabakh we were simply shocked and proud in the same time.

Huseyn Ibrahimli internship global volunteer Albania

Strangers to friends..

Of course my internship story was not all about formal stuff. First of all we had great chance to meet more than 10 people from 7 countries. Of course we made some friends here as well. Guy from Holland, Tommy seemed a little bit arrogant but when we get to know him we liked him a lot. Everyday in the morning, when I went to drink my cup of coffee in our favorite place-Scorcesse, I met Tommy here and he asked me playing a chess. A guy from Brazil was amazing as well. He was traveling the world for 5 years and he was obsessed with shots (drink with alcohol). Funny thing was that each time he saw my friend Elshad he was loudly telling: “ Hey Elshot, lets get some shots” 😀

Huseyn Ibrahimli internship global volunteer Albania

Moreover we traveled Albania and border countries as well. The best part in Albania was in south of Albania-Jale and in the place called Pellumbas. In Jale we went for local AISEC conference and experienced camping for 3days here. In Pellumbas we were looking for adventure and we found that. First we climbed approximately 3000 meters to reach the cave in the peak. Then we went down from very slippery and sleep path. Then we reached waterfall and river and then tried to find out our way back to where we started. We did all of that without guide and for 5 hours. We ran out of water and were told that water from river is very dirty. So when I drank a cup of water in the end of journey, it was best cup of water of my life!

Huseyn Ibrahimli internship global volunteer Albania

Finally, in the last 10 days of our internship we traveled to Montenegro with my friend and stayed in Budva And Kotor. So, my internship was full of excitement, happiness, sometimes failure and sorrow but lots of pleasure overall. And I am planning to repeat it in the following summers.Huseyn Ibrahimli internship global volunteer Albania

Huseyn Ibrahimli – Global Volunteer – Albania