The fine link between experience and youth – AIESEC

As an international youth-run organisation putting all effort on the leadership development of young people, AIESEC establish a relationship with these young people, engaging them in our exchange programmes and calling for some requirements.

What are the different points that define this relation?

From AIESEC to the Customer


1. Products :

As AIESEC, we offer to youth three different products that allow them to live an experience abroad within an international environment:

Global Talent,  Global EntrepreneurGlobal Volunteer


2. Services:

The person who wants to go on an internship abroad will find support from AIESEC such as  Projects searching support; Explanation of AIESEC purpose; Expectation settings; Trip planning and budget management, Goal settings; Preparations before internship; Insurance support; VISA support and Collaboration with HOST country;

3. Experience and development:

We provide our customers with the experience that will
develop them  personally and professionally. Our LDQmain purpose is to provide Leadership Development through our products that we already mentioned . The Leadership Qualities describes the outcome of the leadership development journey we provide to our customers. Those  4 leadership qualities are what we want to see our customer get after going on an exchange: Empowering others, Solution oriented, Self-aware and World citizen.


An AIESEC exchange participant , will go through an inner and outer journey during their  experience abroad :

ioj-full–  Inner journey: they set personal goals, reflect on their experience, understand their values;

–  Outer journey: they face with challenges and becoming more solution oriented, more responsible and focused on their goals)

N.b. AIESEC facilitates youth’s inner and outer journey by providing them with the different services along with the enabler to maintain and fulfill their potential.

4. Memories:

The best thing in memories is making them. The journey that the person will live abroad is full of challenges and learning. You will get to know new culture, make new friends, share those moments that you are creating together, making your life more interesting and enjoyable, turning you into a storyteller! A person should enjoy every second of his life, because in every second we create the memories which will last for a lifetime.

AIESEC memories

From the Customer to AIESEC


1. Motivation:

Motivation is one of the most important qualities that  young people should have in order to participate in our exchange programmes. In fact, if you want to live this life changing  journey, you should be aspiring and ready to live this experience to its fullest and make a positive impact on  society


2. Energy:

Talking about leadership development, we need the energy to do that. Being the ambassador of Azerbaijan requires vitality and the spirit to actually make a change.


3. Service Fee:

Depending on the product, the participant should pay the fee for the different services that they will get.

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4. Time:

Also, depending on the product,  the participant needs to be free during the project duration in order for them to be able to go abroad.