Crystallize Azerbaijan: Contemporary Art

“The function of the contemporary artist is to crystallize the popular mythology of the times in which he lives.” –Ran Andrews

As said on the quotes, getting in to Baku Museum of Modern Art will take you to see the beauty of Azerbaijan in new eyes. Collections of contemporary paintings and sculptures by Azerbaijan artists will take your soul to deeply feel the colors of Azerbaijan.

Opened in March 2009 by the initiative of the first lady, Mehriban Aliyeva, Baku Museum of Modern Art is the first museum in Baku that being engaged in collecting and researching modern art. The white walls building keeps hundreds of contemporary art by Azerbaijan artists. It is a place for anyone who is looking for a quite place to escape the business of the capital city Baku. An escape place that will bring calm to your mind and take you from the busy street to a new world you may create by your own self. This is the beauty of a contemporary art, how it can take you to any places and any feelings you wanted to, without any boundaries, without any judgements.

The arts inside the museum tell the story and the feeling of Azerbaijan, this is another reason to visit Baku Museum of Modern Art, to see and understand Azerbaijan in different perspective. In the other side of the exhibition hall, the private collection presents the collection of the Western avant-guard, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Mark Shagal, as well as classics of Western realism.

It doesn’t matter whether you are or you are not an artist, the museum definitely will please you by its collection of arts. You may also relax yourself in a very unique café, The art-café and restaurant, where it has paintings all over the walls. A very suitable place for you to have a sip of coffee and find an inspiration among creativities.

How to go : Located near the Sahil Metro Station, you can reach the museum by foot for about 25 minutes, or you can take taxi for only 5 minutes. The other option is by bus for about 30 minutes from Sahil, and you will arrive in the colors of Azerbaijan, an imagination of yours.

Map from Sahil Metro Station to Baku Museum of Modern Art