Challenges are real growing experiences in life | 5 effective ways to deal with them

Challenges are indeed what make life enjoyable, fun and worth living! They are the perfect way to learn, shape ones’ personality and grow stronger. In the end, no one can live a challenge-free life, full of routine and call it a life!

However, while each one of us should’ve faced a challenge at least once in our lives, dealing with them remains different from one person to another. There’s no right and wrong way  though, but there’s always a better option!

In this blog post, we will suggest you 5 effective ways to deal with challenges, enjoy the read!


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Part 3: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Step 1: Turn off your phone and put it away.

no phone interview

Biggest faux-pas of the mobile phone age? Using yours in a job interview. Never ever take your phone out and look at it at any point in the job interview. As far as your interviewer is concerned, you should be a troglodyte who’s never even heard of an app. Turn your phone all the way off, keep it in your car, and never, under any circumstances, give the interviewer the impression that a text message takes precedence over getting this job.

Step 2: Treat your interview like a conversation, not an interrogation.

conversation interview

Never get defensive in an interview, even if you feel like you’re not getting on perfectly with the interviewer. It’s supposed to be a conversation, so try to assume the best in people. Nobody is trying to antagonize you on purpose. Treat it as a chance to prove yourself and come up with a good explanation, not a defensive snark.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to reveal yourself.

reveal yourself interview

Billionaire mogul Richard Branson claims to hire primarily based on personality, as opposed to experience or quantifiable skills. Each job is different and the essential aspects of the job can be learned. Focus on selling yourself and letting your true personality shine through, not on trying to be something you’re not.