Stories written by Azerbaijani students who participated in “Global Citizen” internship abroad program

Huseyn’s internship story : How I got to volunteer in Albania with AIESEC

Everything has started when I attended presentation held by AIESEC in Azerbaijan members in ADA University. Simply they gave general information about AIESEC and how it works. Also members talked about their internships and provided us with some visuals as well. So it attracted me and made me think about internship in summer.

After couple of days I decided to go to internship with my friend Elshad. So we started searching for internship opportunities. Of course, AIESEC members, especially our buddies were great in our research process and later on our internship experience. So we applied more than 8 programs and were accepted 3 of them but we decided to travel Albania.

And the journey began..

Huseyn Ibrahimli internship global volunteer Albania

After 15 hours long trip we arrived Tirana capital of Albania. In the night we met local AIESEC members for the first time. We also met some of EPs as well. We watched football match together and had a great time. After 3 days it was time to start the project. Read more

Gorgud Rasulov’s volunteering story in Poland – AIESEC

This summer, from early July to the end of August, I conducted six weeks of overseas volunteer in Poland – Rzeszow and the project name is “The Heart of Art“. There are 7 people in my team who are from Azerbaijan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Gambia. We together taught projects about art and English in some institutions and local NGOs. In addition, during the two-week vacation i saw over half of Europe’s majestic scenery.


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