Stories written by Azerbaijani students who participated in “Global Citizen” internship abroad program

Ahmad’s My Company My Startup story in Mexico :)

Mexico was always, at least for me, kind of place where you should go the last. Seriously, in every movie, TV show about Mexico we hear, drugs, danger, robbery. Only crazy people will dare to go there right? Well, this is what we did in August, 2015. We were 8 people from Azerbaijan going to Mexico to implement project that we all knew can make a lot of impact – My Company – My Startup.

Main goal of project was to educate students on how to establish your own startup, provide basic required knowledge and encourage them to present they business idea in the end of 6 weeks’ trainings. Except this my own vision of this trip – See real Mexico, get new network, make an impact.

See real Mexico. What you imagine when you say “Mexico”? That it is hot right? Well we went there in August and it was cold. So the first stereotype was broken. Second one – everyone is not trying to rob you in the street or sell you drugs. At least in daytime. It is dangerous at nights in specific regions, but this is true for most of the cities in the world, it is not just Mexico. Instead of danger we saw bright color and rich culture, which will definitely excite you.


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