Stories written by Azerbaijani students who participated in “Global Citizen” internship abroad program

5 new startups founded in 2016 to inspire you in 2017

Studies done by BusinessInsider and Forbes showed that new interesting businesses ideas can be implemented even in times when there is limited funding. Here are top 5 most successful new startups in 2016

What is it: Four people from San Francisco launched a startup, which allows you to find a room in the nearest hotel. Partnering with hotels, the startup charges people $0.66 per minute or $40 for an hour to get a private room to take a nap, shower after a run, or find a quiet place to take a break.

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Baba’s My Company My Startup experience

Starting from my first days in AIESEC after reading description of the organization, it was a big question for me: “Is it possible that an organization which is led by “students” (they are just 17-23 years old!) could send me to another country for an internship for a long period??” One of my core reasons to join AIESEC was my curiosity to check the reality of this mission.

In summer 2011, It was time to check the “Magic” whether it works. Therefore I applied to an internship in Cluj, Romania. However, for the first time it is failed due to my own unexpected personal reasons.

It was hard to wait for the next summer as I was studying, working and could not take it in other periods.  And it was a term when I changed my mind and decided I would go somewhere extraordinary rather than “elegant, clean, beautiful, architectural, safe Europe”! And I chose Sri Lanka!

Together with 5 AIESECers, we have created our project and sent it to AIESEC Sri Lanka board. They liked it and invited us to Colombo.

I had never been in tropic countries before and when I stepped out of Colombo Airport, I unconsciously said “The Magic started”. I was extremely tired when we reached to the place where we should stay and I just slept…

When I woke up in my first day in Colombo, I found myself in specially decorated room with lots of religious items around me. When I went sleepy out of home almost stepped on a huge varan! I would never imagine people could live with such kind of animal together peacefully. And it was just the beginning of extraordinary situations and unexpected adventures in the Paradise Island.

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