“Azerbaijan, why not?” by Johann Paulo Camaddo

To be honest, for my first individual trip, I wanted to go to a place where I knew no one and a place where the culture is unknown to me, and since I was an AIESEC member I decided to leave with AIESEC. After discussing with my cousin I saw this project called “Fireflies” . It consists of travelling and writing blogs. I said to myself: « Why not?» I wanted to travel and writing is something that I enjoy. I don’t have a blog but I keep my writings in my diary. I love writing! Writing is like  an empty picture waiting to be painted to express whatever I want. Enough about myself…


I don’t know much about Azerbaijan except they hosted “Eurovision” song contest  in 2012 and the first “European Games” was held there as well, and Baku was part of the “Formula 1” circuit last June 2016. In Switzerland, we could see a lot of promotion on Swiss TV for tourism about the « Land of fire » and since it’s a country rich in oil, their company “Socar” is a famous brand all around Switzerland. I didn’t think twice; « I don’t know anyone in Azerbaijan and I don’t know the culture  –  YES I SHOULD GO TO AZERBAIJAN ».


Pauklo 1Flag at the Flag square « Biggest flag in the world »

I made some research about the country to know a bit of the culture and not to feel totally stupid. An interesting fact is that they are « the first modern parliamentary republic in a Muslim world » (cf Wikipedia), they are the first country to grant equal political rights between men and women, and the first to build a modern type university; The University of Baku. I thought it was pretty cool! And they did that in 1918, before being invaded by the Soviet Union. Conclusion-> « Wow, the people’s way of thinking is pretty advanced compared to their time ». It was a great reason for me to have more interest in their culture. I have a lot of question like: « what do you think about the civil war with Armenia and what is still the impact of Russia? » I like asking questions to better understand their situation today (Maybe I could the person who can help them 😉 ). These questions just build up the excitement of my travel and I couldn’t wait. AZERBAIJAN HERE I COME!



As it is my first travel alone, I made my own expectations as I wanted my travel to be fruitful as possible. My expectation are: I would expect to learn a lot about myself. When you are in a different place and alone, you find some interesting facts that you don’t see in your everyday life. I would like to know how I react in a group of fifteen people. People don’t really know is this about me, but I feel
awkward and bad in a group of people. Since we will spend most of the time together maybe my awkwardness would go. I would like to improve my writing skills.  As I said before I like writing but I want to improve. I still find my writing messy. And the most important objective: discover Azerbaijan, learn about their musical culture.  For sure, I didn’t come here for nothing.

Paulo 2


The tittle is « Azerbaijan, why not? » without out knowing anything you could find your own reason to travel to Azerbaijan. Maybe you would like to know the people or the culture but you will find a reason to come here. Trust your first instinct and be curious about the country! You won’t have the opportunity to come here twice. What are you waiting for? 😉 Jump in and feel the adventure!

Johann Paulo Camaddo, Switzerland