5 main reasons WHY AIESEC, and not just traveling

AIESEC and travel agencies are practically the same thing, you just need a destination, a budget setting and you’re ready to go”, that’s what you might think, but this is so far from being the truth; and we’re here to discuss why it is more convenient and enriching to go abroad with AIESEC than to plan a simple trip.

AIESEC is cheap!


Experience with AIESEC will help you save more money and travel with minimal cost. You won’t feel the obligation to stay in your country  just because you couldn’t save enough money before, you will spend your precious time to get the experience of your lifetime. Accommodation and meal are usually covered by AIESEC, and for more detailed information you can check our platform of opportunities from all over the world.

AIESEC is an experience!

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During internships with AIESEC you’ll have a chance to explore other countries, discover yourself from other perspectives, get work experience and teamwork experience, make an impact on  society and feel diversity. This experience will follow you in your aspects of your life  (personally and professionally) and you’ll have a chance to use it in your future professional career.

Fulfill your resume with an international experience!

AIESEC is purposeful!


When you chose to volunteer abroad with AIESEC, you will have the chance to choose a specific issue to tackle. In fact, our different projects are based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.  When browsing the projects, you will find the name of the tackled SDG.

AIESEC is leadership development!


If you have finally decided to make a brave step and join AIESEC exchange programs – you should know one of the most important things:


During our exchange programs you won’t work only on social issues, community development and professional profile improvement , but also personal leadership potential discovery and development.

AIESEC is about moments!

AIESEC memories

Moments create memories! Our memories are the best thing that stays with us. At the end of the day we don’t remember how much money, time or energy we spent, but we remember how we felt at that exact moment! Even after years we still keep those memories hidden with us. AIESEC helps to create the best memories because you challenge yourself in an unknown place with people from all over the world. When you travel with your friends – it will never bring you such colorful memories as you can get during internship programs.