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A bit about AIESEC – Leyla Ahmedova

” Let me tell you a bit about AIESEC. It’s an organization with a bunch of amazing, cool, energetic and positive people. It’s where you can feel free to speak up your mind and realize your ideas. Here I experienced the teamwork, gained the convincing skills and became more confident. It was in 2015, when, looking for an NGO to join, I saw the AIESEC recruitment on Facebook. From that day on,  I started believing in spontaneous miracles that occur in the human life. Yes, AIESEC was a miracle in my life. To see  tolerant young people thinking differently, trying to do something for the global change and being brave enough to go out of their comfort zone, made me proud.

IMG_9703AIESEC in Azerbaijan 13th National Conference – September 2016

Until I joined AIESEC, I did not think that we have such amazing youth. When it comes to my development, words are limited to describe it. Being a manager for an AIESEC exchange program back then, taught me how to be patient enough to talk with participants, convince and solve the problems. Being an organizing committee president taught me how to manage a team, dispatch the tasks and empower my team. These different skills I developed were all related to my professional development. But what about personal? Just one important thing which is the fact that I began to believe in myself. “


“AIESEC = Adventurous”

~ Leyla Ahmedova

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