5 new startups founded in 2016 to inspire you in 2017

Studies done by BusinessInsider and Forbes showed that new interesting businesses ideas can be implemented even in times when there is limited funding. Here are top 5 most successful new startups in 2016

What is it: Four people from San Francisco launched a startup, which allows you to find a room in the nearest hotel. Partnering with hotels, the startup charges people $0.66 per minute or $40 for an hour to get a private room to take a nap, shower after a run, or find a quiet place to take a break.
Website: https://recharge.co/

2. Lola is a new kind of a travel agent.

What is it: Lola was founded by Paul English, one of the cofounders of Kayak and this startup is making a revolution in traveling services. Lola works as a chat app to connect travelers to a team of consultants who can take care of every step of the planning process. The app uses a combination of AI technology and an experienced staff to provide travelers with an alternative to many of the DIY travel websites.
Website: https://www.lolatravel.com/

3. Simple Habit – platform to get your stress out.

What is it:
Simple Habit isn’t just an app about sitting in the dark and meditates. It’s a group of  five-minute sessions guided by professional teachers for people who are on the go to reduce stress during the day. It’s already in the top apps in Apple Store.
Website: http://www.simplehabitapp.com/

4. Belong – new recruitment assistant

“The world’s first predictive outbound hiring solution that helps you discover, engage and hire unfindable talent” – says the description of new platform – Belong, that scans public sources to identify ideal candidates for right companies.
Website: https://belong.co/

5. Otto’s self-driving trucks is taking industry to a new level

What is it: Self-driving trucks might hit the streets before self-driving cars. A team made up of former employees from Google, Apple, and Tesla is developing sensors and software to retrofit trucks into autonomous fleets. Otto’s kits can turn any “dumb” truck built after 2013 into a “smart” driverless vehicle — for a ticket price of $30,000, according to Wired.
Website: http://ot.to/