Challenges are real growing experiences in life | 5 effective ways to deal with them

Challenges are indeed what make life enjoyable, fun and worth living! They are the perfect way to learn, shape ones’ personality and grow stronger. In the end, no one can live a challenge-free life, full of routine and call it a life!

However, while each one of us should’ve faced a challenge at least once in our lives, dealing with them remains different from one person to another. There’s no right and wrong way  though, but there’s always a better option!

In this blog post, we will suggest you 5 effective ways to deal with challenges, enjoy the read!


1- Travel as much as you can

 Travel as much as you can ,go volunteer abroad , go for an internship abroad , try something new ,be part of something bigger than yourself ,don’t let your fears keep you away from being who you are .

Travelling teaches you how to be independent and how to see everything that comes your way as an experience that will give you more knowledge and more courage  because you will discover new places , different ways of living ,new food and you will find yourself discovering another culture that you didn’t know before.

2-Welcome change and make it part for your life

Whether it is the first day of your internship or the first time you’re going out of your hometown or country . You have to put in your mind that no matter what circumstances life throws in your direction, you have to believe that you can handle it and that you are gonna grow out of it more mature and more experienced and that you will always keep learning as you go on in life .

3-Surround yourself by positive and solution oriented people

Be with people which the main goal  is to empower others to push them to become the best version of themselves and help each other to overcome the obstacles and achieve their  best potential .

Surround yourself by AIESECers :D.


4-Avoid negative people

Negative people have a tendency to drain your energy.  By avoiding them your are creating more sustainable life and giving room for more innovation and creativity.

5-Give yourself a break .

It’s okay to feel weak time to time but what matters is how to rise stronger than ever. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and simply know that you will never have some good if you never had some bad, and that you have an endless, a limitless potential to reach out  for the stars and we’re simply here to help you develop it .


Finally, remember:


“It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.”

– Muhammad Ali


Hence, believe in yourself, for it’s the key to overcoming all challenges!
See ya soon for more tips 😀

Written By: Mariem Hammi
National Blog Content Specialist
of AIESEC in Azerbaijan