“Summertime sadness”? Try the New Hit of “Summertime Happiness”!

Lana del Rey once said that she has the summertime sadness. Many people enjoyed listening to her famous song, feeling the depth of SAD emotions that summer could bring such as the winter blues and the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Although Summer is supposed to be a joyful season during which we go out to the beach, parks, soak our skins with the sunlight, welcome the sun with open arms, for many people, it triggers summer depression or sadness, living the routine, not meeting the expectations they were having in their minds.

Have you ever been one of those people? Young and wild you want to live and experience things deeply! Yet, Summer knocks your door and you’re just setting in the dark ceiling of your room refusing to open up, because you’re feeling alone or because you didn’t have any plans for it? Or maybe you don’t have the right company to share you these moments with?

Summertime Happiness

We all want to spend an unforgettable summer: a summer of discovery , travel and impact, feeling like we actually did something that matters!

What if we offer you the perfect plan for a memorable summer, where you will be discovering new country along with a group of an international young people like you while making a positive impact on the society and developing yourself?

Here’s your way to a
Summertime Happiness

Tell me more about How to create a memorable summer journey.

Written by: Mariem Belghali


How to (ex)change the world

On the 11th of May 2017, AIESEC in Azerbaijan hosted an event delivered by a Polish-Italian couple who decided to adopt their own life style , full of travelling, discovery, impact and inspiration.

We are a Polish-Italian couple traveling around the world. We are looking for changemakers, in order to describe and share their stories. Our journey is based on exchange: storytelling and other skills in exchange for a place to sleep and food. How to exchange the world is the question we want to answer within the exchange babel project.



During their event called “How to (ex)change the world”, Anna and Andrea shared their stories that they created themselves.

It’s not mandatory to travel to make an impact. And we are modest and realistic enough to be aware that it’s beyond a human-being capability to change the whole world! However, what we do believe is that every small contribution matters, and that each one of us should find their own way to make an impact in this world.



Anna and Andrea found their own path to make an impact in this world: Travel, volunteer, expand their network, give training and share stories of changemakers they have met throughout their journey. So far, they managed to visit 20 countries and interview 180 people. They believe that there are 2 main steps needed in order to make a change in the world:

First, Create your story
and then Change the world


Stories that matter…

4 different topics were tackled while Anna and Andrea were collecting what they call ChangeMaker Stories. They shared two stories that were chosen by the participants:

The Meditation Center:

The first story was around the changemakers centre. It was a story of a meditation center that was an initiative of a Myanmarian Monk, where homeless people and even volunteers can stay for as much time as they wish. Although the idea seems simple, the journey in that center is not as easy as it looks like… [Read More about the Meditation Center]


Paradise and Hell:

The second story tackled ecotourism. Anna and Andrea chose “Paradise and Hell” as a title of this story. From its name we can say that this story tells us about a sad contradiction that we can find in this life. In fact, during their journey in Malaysia, this Polish-Italian couple found a breathtaking island that turned into a hell because of the lack of care that this small paradise has seen. Luckily, they found there The Green Lounge project initiated by Blue Life. How can a person start a project to save an island and maintain its charm? This is what Anna and Andrea discovered during their stay in Mantanani Island [Read More about the Meditation Center]


What’s next?

Because not every single person has got the chance to leave their own bubble so far, many people are missing a lot of stories that might bring them inspiration and help them adopt a new mindset, help them think again and wonder “What about me? What am I able to do?”

Anna and Andrea chose to collect the most outstanding stories through their traveling and share it with people from all over the world. [Find out about more of their stories]


With their stories, Anna and Andrea succeeded to bring to the event an atmosphere full of inspiration and wonder, boosting  the interest of the participants in volunteering and contribution for a better society, encouraging them to start thinking on their own style to create their own stories, a story of a ChangeMaker.