And we shall carry on – AIESEC

One of the things that makes AIESEC unique, is its leadership opportunities that a member can seize. Being a National President of AIESEC is one of these opportunities that our youth within the organization are looking up to each year.

An annual elections take place in this organization, from the local to the national and international scales, giving chances to more young people to explore their leadership potential, ensuring the remain of  a young mindset  within this youth-led organization

On the 28th of December 2016, and with the presence of our leadership boards, our Board of Advisers and our alumni, AIESEC in Azerbaijan chose its next National President who will take the lead starting August 2017.

Congratulations to Amina Melikova, our National Vice President of Customer Experience for the term 16.17, for being elected as the National President of AIESEC in Azerbaijan for the upcoming term. The entity put all its trust in your vision and plan, and we are looking forward to your wonders. We wish you the success during your term and may all your dreams come true.