Sitara’s Internship story

I always consider myself like a lucky person cause I’m extremely happy to go abroad and endlessly happy to be back home! Maybe because I count every moment?


This summer left an unforgettable mark on my soul! I was working as intern in Summer School for children in Slovakia.
To be a part of such project when you’re out of your comfort zone but into something incredible is the best thing that can happen to a person!

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Ahmad’s story in Philippines


It is not hard to write any story. You may write of whatever you like but if your start is not catchy, you are going to fail in delivering your message to others.


The story that I like to share is about me 3 years ago who decided to apply and travel to Philippines. Just put yourself at my place what would you feel fear, excitement, happiness? I felt all of them and something else, which was disturbing my stomach 😀 But I did it! I finally took an opportunity that everyone was talking and promoting about. And here is one of stories that taught me something very crucial.

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