How to Travel cheap

Before starting, let’s make clear expectations in order to define are you looking exactly for what is written here.

Let’s start!

Are you a person for whom going abroad comes expensive because of transportation tickets?
Are you the one who priorities travelling itself more rather comfortable flight duration?
Does your trip-abroad plans are going down after you check the air-plane ticket prices?
You have never been abroad and don’t know where to search information?

… and the final one, do you want to really go abroad this summer?

If your answer to the above mentioned questions was “Yes!”, then you are in the right destination 🙂
Lets move forward!

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Farid Aliyev’s story in Belgrade, Serbia


How many times have you heard I’ve visited one or another country? Or how many people told u the stories that they went to see some sightseeing and they travelled around the world? I have heard tons of them. And now just forget about them. To go and see the city, Big Ben or Eiffel Tower – this is not full adventure. Living in hotel, seeing just what a tourist usually sees – it is just a small part of the adventure. Then what is real adventure?! I would like to tell a bit of my story, what was my summer like and what I call it travelling.

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