Nazrin’s experience in Czech Republic

‘’ Internship will change your life’’,  ‘’ You should believe, it’s a lifetime experience’’ , ‘’When you come back, you will be totally different’’.
When hearing these phrases from my friends who have already taken part in AIESEC Global Citizen program themselves I believed them, watching them fully changed, but never thought these phrases could be that prophetic.
By the way my name is Nazrin Jabbarli and I have recently returned from my internship in Czech Republic. When I applied for the program I got really nervous about my future job and staying in another country, as I had never stayed alone abroad. This way or another, the first project I found impressed me in good way. I am currently studying translation and the project (Summer SPEAK!) was all about I wanted: 2 months out of my country by myself, teaching English to young people in Ostrava (3rd big city in Czech republic), travelling and meeting new people.

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