Not Baku Azerbaijan


Did you ever think of taking a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan? If yes, then think twice before doing so! Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t visit this city.

1. You will not have enough time to cover all historical sights

Baku has a UNESCO listed old center, so there is definitely a lot of old things everywhere. That might seem boring but with the right guide, a big bottle of Not Visit Baku Azerbaijancool water and maybe some tea and sweets stop on the way, the walk around İçərişəhər is a very pleasant experience. The most well-known ancient building in Baku is the Maiden Tower. Though the steps can be daunting, you should make an effort because the reward is an amazingly photogenic view of Baku and the Caspian Sea. Not far from there, you will find the Shirvanshahs Palace, a site not to miss. If you are lucky enough you will be guided by the wonderful Harzu H-va, who will happily show you all the highlights.

Outside of Baku there are many fortresses worth visiting: Qala, Mardakan and Ateshgah. If you prefer to not waste manats, you should try to get there by public transport (which can be quite an interesting adventure on its own).


Last but not not visit Baku Azerbaijanleast, do not miss the ancient drawings at Qobustan and the adjacent museum. No matter how hot it is or how little English people speak, do not miss the mesmerizing landscapes (careful not to fall off the cliffs while taking a selfie!) and the fascinating, prehistoric drawings.


2. You will get confused if you are in Europe or in Asia

Azerbaijan is geographically situated in Asia, but being in the Baku city center you will see yourself surrounded by more modern landscape than many European capitals. Despite staying in a Muslim country you will not see many hijabs. On the contrary, women enjoy their not visit Baku Azerbaijanknee-length skirts and sleeveless tops.

When you get bored of that familiar view, just take a trip to the suburbs, where you can face a bigger cultural shock. Take advantage of people’s hospitability and enter an estate by the huge, colorful doors and find yourself in a local garden. Here you will see Azeri family members gathered with a cup of tea made in their samovar, eating local snacks and simply enjoying time with each other. There is no rush, no life in a hurry, but instead a warm and caring family atmosphere.

3. You will burn yourself with fire and get dirty from the mud

Azerbaijan is called the land of fire for a reason. If the sunburns are not enough for you, then visit Yanar Dag, the mysterious burning mountain, where the flames never go down because of the natural gas which blazes continuously on a hillside.

If you are still hungry for curious phenomena, take a trip to Qobustan and step off the beaten path to find amazing Mud Volcanoes. Just be careful, because if you approach too near you can find your t-shirt splashed with mud. However, I highly recommend dipping your hand into the volcano, the experience is unique!

 not visit Baku Azerbaijan not visit Baku Azerbaijan

4. You will be tempted to convert yourself to a different religion

Azerbaijan is mainly a Muslim country. But don´t expect to see women covered up in the streets (unless they are Arab tourists, who interestingly are not very well seen by the Azerbaijani people). In Azerbaijan there is a big mix of religions, so when coming here you can convert yourself into any you want. From the ancient Zorastrians who worship fire (of whom you probably have never heard about), to Muslims, Christians, Catholic orthodoxes, Judes, Hindus… There is everything for everybody! Do not miss the stunning little mosque just outside the center of Baku and the beautiful orthodox cathedral (that is if you can find it). Don’t forget to be respectful!